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January 14th 2023 Stated Meeting


The January 14th 2023 stated meeting of Texas Lodge no. 46 Free & Accepted Masons of California was opened upon the first degree of Masonry in San Juan Bautista California, to conduct regular business.

This Lodge of  Masons opened at 10:36AM with Worshipful Brother Kevin Herrick PM in the East, Worshipful Brother Richard Bartlett in the West, and Brother Reb Monaco PM in the South Other officers, members, and visitors present are recorded in the Tiler’s register.

The opening of the Lodge on this day was quite an undertaking, a journey, members traveling through torrential rainstorms and risk of flooding, that threatened to isolate the Monterey Peninsula from the remainder of the great state of California. The concerns entailed flooding of the Salinas River at two points, highway 68 and Highway 1. Brother David Godoy also make the trek, visiting form San Benito Lodge 211.




Resolution to Increase Tx. Lodge no.46 Dues Fee.

Texas Lodge no.46 has a very interesting history of dues. After going through the bylaws book from the 1860’s we learn that dues were $0.50 per month or $6.00 per year. If you were to adjust this for inflation (2019), they were $113/yr. At some point, over the previous 130 years, the dues doubled to just $12/yr. In 1977, the dues were raised from $12 to $20. For the record, adjusting for inflation, $12, and $20 is equal to $50, and $84 today (2019) These dues not keeping up with inflation, were raised yet again. And In 1990, the dues were raised from $20/yr. to $36/yr.


Crimes of “Moral Turpitude” that may disqualify a Man from becoming a Freemason

    1. Arson 2. Murder 3. Rape 4. Child Abuse 5. Kidnapping 6. Fraud 7. Bribery 8. Embezzlement 9. Money Laundering 10. Perjury 11. Identity Theft 12. Tax Evasion 13. Prostitution 14. Drug Trafficking 15. Illegal Gambling 16. Accessory to Crime 17. Organized Crime 18. Human Trafficking 19. Mail Fraud 20. Bribery of Public Officials 21. Possession of Illegal Firearms 22. Aggravated Assault 23. Domestic Violence 24. Forgery 25. Extortion 26. Obstruction of Justice 27. Computer Crimes 28. Robbery 29. Animal Cruelty 30. Theft 31. Burglary 32. Illegal Drug Possession 33. Smuggling 34. Illegal Sale of Alcohol 35. Illegal Possession of Alcohol 36. Hacking 37. Cyberstalking 38. Cyberbullying 39. Cybercrime 40. Intimidation 41. Indecent Exposure 42. Stalking 43. Bribery of Judges 44. Defamation 45. Hate Crimes 46. Piracy 47. Terrorism 48. Sedition 49. Sabotage 50. Illegal Possession of Weapons


The Lodge was presented, and approved the following audited bills:





The Lodge was closed at 11:48am, peace and harmony prevailing.

Respectfully Submitted,
Loren George McKechnie

Secretary of Texas Lodge no.46 F. & A.M. of California



Worshipful Master of Texas Lodge no.46 F. & A.M. of California