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January 11th 2020 Stated Meeting & Trestleboard

Texas Lodge No.46 Free and Accepted Masons of California, held its stated meeting for the month of January 11th, at 10:03am.

The brothers that could squeeze in and find a place to sit in the very crowded dining room enjoyed a hearty breakfast of French Toast, Sausage, Granola, Yogurt, Mandarin Oranges, Tea and Coffee.
The Officers Stations in the Lodge were filled by the newly Installed Officers.
Master in the East: Robert Robbins
Sr. Warden in the West: Jeff Strauss
Jr. Warden in the South: Raymond E. Hill IV P.M.
Secretary: Loren George McKechnie
Assistant Secretary: Kevin Herrick P.M.
Chaplain: Richard Bartlett
Senior Deacon: David Dreisbach
Junior Deacon: Matt LeBaron
Marshall: John Densem
Senior Steward: Charles Baylacq
Jr. Steward: Garrett Wright
Tyler: Wolfgang Lochner
The many brethren in attendance, as reflected in the Tyler’s register.
We were visited by three weary travelers, as first-time visitors.
  • Rey Morales of Confidence Lodge 110
  • Anthony Mazy of Martinez Lodge 41
Reading of the Previous Meeting Minutes:
The minutes from the November meeting were signed by the master, reflecting the previously noted changes to the Treasurer and Marshall stations. Jessie Rodriguez will not have a conflict of serving in two Lodges simultaneously and will continue to serve as our Treasurer. John Densem was appointed as Treasurer of the Hall Association, and will attend the Treasurer’s retreat, in training to be assistant treasurer should Jessie need assistance.
The December minutes were read and approved, as read.
The minutes for the special Joint Installation meeting on January 4th 2020, were approved as read.
Old Business:
Worshipful Kevin Herrick P.M. offered the brethren a report on his travels to visit Logia No. 57 in Ecuador. A motion was made to repay Worshipful Hill P.M. for his postage fees of $150, in sending the certificate and Tx. Lodge Pins, to the Lodge in Ecuador.
New Business:
The Worshipful Master Robert Robbins presented a budget for the year. It was approved, after some discussion, and revision. The budget was balanced.
There were no new bills to present to the Lodge, other than the standard Utilities which were transmitted to the Hall Association.
Social Calendar: 
The Worshipful Master Robert Robbins presented some ideas for events to be considered for the upcoming year.
Visits to http://www.siminoff850.org/ Siminoff Lodge inside the Home at Union City. Meets Monday afternoon at 1pm.
Invitation from Carmel Lodge No.  To a night of brotherhood.
School of Instruction (SOI): January 28th at Salinas Lodge. All Officers are expected to attend.
Masonic Funeral:
The Master became aware of a previous Tx. Lodge brother Wayne Liddy, whose time with us is drawing to a close. The Master read a magnificent and heartfelt poem, about our time here on earth, our duties, and those duties to be found on the other side.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a Masonic Funeral as he is no longer affiliated with Texas Lodge, but the Jr. Warden Ray Hill P.M. suggested we offer the family some sort of unofficial remembrance in the Lodge room.
John Sigmondi P.M. installed two Tx. Lodge officers, Jessie Rodrigues, and David Dreisbach,  who were not installed into their respective offices. Wayne Heimsoth performed master of ceremonies duties.
Worshipful Inspector BJ McCuiston P.M. appointed David Dreisbach officers coach. He graciously accepted the position, for which he is the incumbent.
Vote To Demit:
A fictional Entered Apprentice whose name was misquoted in the Secretaries notes from December was voted on, and passed unanimously, to allow him to demit. Many points of order were expounded upon, and the process for EA’s & FC’s demitting which require a vote, vs. MM’s who may demit with only a letter. As it turns out, the actual EA in question whose name was misquoted from the Secretaries notes had actually had a change of heart since his original inquiry of possibly requesting a demit, and has since paid his dues, and made a generous donation to the Lodge Restoration Fund. This issue, of a fictional character’s demit, has been laid to rest. We have all learned a few things, of the, demit process, of “points of order”, of generosity, and process… as any Mason would appreciate, more light “about the details of process, and the CMC” shining in.
First Degree Schedules:
The First Degree for Zachary Monk, was rescheduled to the following Saturday.
A call was made if any other Brother had something to offer: 
Jessie Rodriguez: Offered a report on his wife who fell while skiing. She is recovering well from her Tibia Fracture.
He also reported that we also have a CD check, for $&,^%#.15 which needs to be re-invested.
John Densem: Shared a report to the Hicks Beach Lodge in England. He expounded upon the differences in how Brothers address the lodge, and hold the due guard until they are finished speaking.
The Lodge was interrupted by Richard Bartlett’s Cellular Telephone ringing, and the brethren all shouted out in unison “$10 dollars”, as the secretary held out his hand, and the brothers dismissed with a chuckle.
Worshipful Hans Straub P.M.: Offered congratulations to the newly installed officers, and expressed his excitement in seeing the Lodge so full, with enthusiastic Brothers.
W.M. Robert Robbins: Offered the Lodge a copy of the Masonic Gold Book: Masonry in the Mother Load.
Worshipful Inspector B.J. McCuiston offered the lodge some instruction on traveling, namely that customs of your mother or home lodge should be observed, no matter how the visiting Lodge customs differ. This allows the visiting brother, to stay true to his jurisdiction, and share these possible oddities with the other lodge. Some additional information about attendance at Master & Wardens Retreats, or Secretary & Treasurer Retreats. It was recommended that each year, at least one person is sent, as many things are communicated, and the brothers greatly benefit from meeting the brothers from Grand Lodge.
All Brothers of Texas Lodge, who have not paid or had their dues remitted, will shortly receive a letter notifying them of intent to suspend their membership due to nonpayment. This lodge has an interesting history of dues. After going through the bylaws book from the 1860’s we learn that dues were $0.50 per month or $6.00 per year. If you were to adjust this for inflation (2019), they were $113/yr.
At some point, over the previous 130 years, the dues doubled to $12/yr. In 1977, the dues were raised from $12 to $20. For the record, adjusting for inflation, $12, and $20 the value is equal to $50, and $84 today (2019) These dues not keeping up with inflation, were raised yet again. And In 1990, the dues were raised from $20/yr. to $36/yr.

2020 Activities to Strengthen our Friendship and Raise our Visibility

We have a number of activities this year related to growing our affection toward each other, bringing families closer together and introducing friends old and new to Masonry.  Consider wearing a baseball cap or shirt with the square and compass on at these events.  They will be public and will cause some strangers to inquire about Masonry.

January 27 1:00pm – Siminoff Lodge

34400 Mission Boulevard
Union City, CA 94587

Siminoff Lodge has asked for a contingent of men to attend their 1st degree.  I have a few volunteers and it should be fun to visit Siminoff Lodge, which is located in Union City, next to Masonic Homes but, I am really looking forward to seeing a few “Old” friends and make some new “Old” friends.

Please attend this wonderful activity our “Old” friends will be performing and also surprise the candidate with a room full of new friends and brothers. Arrive at 12:30 as construction on the road leading to Siminoff may delay you by 15 minutes.

March 7 Carmel Masonic Lodge 680: A Classy Masonic Outing

March 7, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Mason’s Family and Friends are invited to learn about “California’sOwn “Speakeasy Lodge” Celebrating A Century Since Prohibition”

Hosted in The “Speakeasy Lodge” Of Carmel 680

Brother Andrew Crockett will regale all who attend with the little known history of Carmel 680 and it’s ties to prohibition.

The best part though will be reconnecting with brothers, meeting brothers who you don’t already know and sharing a great day with family and friends.

WHEN, WHERE, & WHAT: Saturday,March 7th, 2020

10am –11am Hosted Brunch
(Bagel Bakery Catering: approximately $5/person) Yum!!!

11am –12:30pm Carmel Lodge no.680 Stated Meeting(Gotta do business)

(Family & Friends: explore Carmel Beach or Downtown Carmel)

12:30pm –1pm Caravan over to Cannery Row, Park Cars

1pm –5pm Monterey Bay Aquarium

Located at the ocean’s edge on historic Cannery Row, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is your window to marine life. Visit sea otters, penguins, sharks, jellies and thousands of other marine animals and plants.

(Tickets: $50/Adult, $40/Senior, $30/Child(under 3 free) – AAA? a student? you can get a discount

5pm – 7pm Bubba Gump’sShrimp Company
($30-40/person, group tablereservation ahead)

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. captures the charm and American spirit that made the movie “Forrest Gump” a smash hit. Shrimp is the specialty here, but in its fun and casual setting, there is definitely something for everyone.

Run, Forest. Run!  Some of you may want to show up for just a few of the activities while the rest of us die hards will participate all day but, do come ….if only for a little bit and have fun with each other.


July 26, 2020 – Garlic Festival

Every Year the Garlic Festival is held in Gilroy.  Another great day for family and friends to come together, enjoy the sunshine and each others company but, here’s the best part: We can volunteer to prepare and serve foods and the Garlic Festival will make donations, based on how many people work and hours to our favorite charity and in Texas 46 that charity is our local Boy Scouts of America.

I’ve worked the Gilroy Garlic Festival in the past and it’s a lot of fun

Let’s do this and support The Boy Scouts of America in San Juan Bautista.

Here’s how we make it fun for everyone, even your families: Wear a baseball cap with the Square and Compass on it, prepare and serve food, make new friends, get a meal and drink voucher and have your family and friends stop by and say hello while we work it for The Boy Scouts of America – San Juan Bautista. I’ll have more details in the next few months.

August 9 Gilroy Rodeo – Family Outing

I’d like to invite friends and family from our districts to the Grand Finale day of the Gilroy Garlic Festival.  There is a kids park so your children can enjoy themselves in some good ole’ country fun, a food court, concert stage, and the best part will be the Rodeo Parade that is comprised of the most beautiful horses, a broncing contest, A steer contest and some clowning around, as is mandatory for any rodeo.

Anyway, good clean fun for all and the tickets will be free for up to 30 adults, with the price of admission being paid by Master Mason’s wearing a hat or shirt with Square and compass.  Cheap entrance fee and makes the fun affordable as kids under 12 are free.

Who knows if a man might ask “How do I become a Mason?”  and you can say “Glad you asked”  Giddyup!

I really enjoy being friends and hanging out with each of you.

There are several other activities suggested and as the dates are confirmed we will announce and get a head count.

We have a day of fishing right here in San Juan Bautista at McAlpine Lake & Park(didn’t know the place existed until our brother the secretary suggested it) , Deep Sea Fishing(Monterey Bay), a road trip with some camping coming soon!

These are in addition to our already scheduled San Juan Bautista Day’s, Pancake Breakfast, etc.

We should do more activities as real friends and have a little fun with people who you chose to associate with when you decided to become a Mason because you envisioned they share similar ideals and Masons are really just fun people to be with.


Robert Robbins

Worshipful Master, of Texas Lodge No. 46 F. & A.M. of California


Loren George McKechnie

Secretary of Texas Lodge No. 46 F. & A.M. of California