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Vote to increase dues to be held December 10th 2022

Dear Brethren of Texas Lodge no.46 F&AM of California,

A resolution was proposed at the November Stated meeting on 11-12-2022 to increase Texas Lodge no.46 Dues and Degree Fees.  A vote will be held @ the December Stated meeting.

If votes at the December 10th Stated Meeting are in the affirmative by 2/3 of the voting members present, the following proposals will go into affect January 1st 2023.


Proposal #1.

The dues of each Mason of this Lodge shall be the sum of $50, plus the Per-Capita sum approved by Grand Lodge at the immediately preceding Annual Communication, with the total thus determined rounded up to the next higher whole multiple of $20, per annum, payable in advance on the first day of January.


Proposal #2.

The table of fees for this Lodge shall be as follows:

A. For Degrees, the sum of $390. 

B. For the Degrees of Fellowcraft & Master Mason, when the Entered Apprentice degree has been received in another California Lodge, the sum of $260.

C. For the Degree of Master Mason, when the EA & Fellowcraft degrees have been received in another California Lodge, the sum of $130.

D. For Affiliation when a member of another Grand Lodge of California Lodge, $10.