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September 9th 2023 | Stated Meeting

In the Lodge of life, where oaths are made, Hope, faith, and charity never fade.

Honesty guides our steps, strong and true, In brotherhood, we find our purpose anew.

Symbols and signs, our secrets profound, A word, a grip, in silence, we’re bound.

Freemasonry’s light, a beacon so bright, Guiding us through darkness, to honor, we unite.

The September 9th 2023 stated meeting of Texas Lodge no. 46 Free & Accepted Masons of California was opened upon the 259th page of our Bible, and on the first degree of Masonry in San Juan Bautista California, for the transaction of business and the conferral of the 1st Degree of Freemasonry upon Isaac Steinman.

This Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons opened at 10:07AM with Worshipful Brother Kevin Herrick PM in the East, Worshipful Brother Tony Averill in the West, and Worshipful Brother Raymond E. Hill IVth in the South.

Other officers, members, and visitors present are recorded in the Tiler’s register. Treasurer John Densem, Secretary Loren McKechnie, Chaplain Ray E. Hill IVth, Sr. Deacon Robert Robbins PM, Jr. Deacon Charles E. Baylacq, Marshal Jack Swallow, Sr. Steward John Diemas, Jr. ,Tyler Charles Hewitt. 

There were no new 1st time visitors, until after the ceremony of Brother Steinman, where he was presented the traditional “Ugly Mug”, along with the Cipher, and other study materials. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by the master, followed by the singing of the National Anthem, accompanied by Worshipful Brother Robert Wilson on the Piano, furthering the “Honky-Tonk” aura of the candle-lit Texas Lodge Room.





The Rodeo Degree, an impromptu pass the hat.

The budget for 2nd Annual, Grand Rodeo Degree was unexpectedly blown, and the Master requested his hat be passed, to makeup for the shortcomings. An additional $461 was raised, to support the Raising of the 478th Brother in the Best Dam Lodge in the State, and to benefit Freemasonry in general!


An engraved trowel was presented to Scott Sorensen, our 478th Member of the Texas Lodge no.46 Fraternity.

We await a report from the ADU Building committee:

The Master requested volunteers for a committee to investigate this concept. The Brethren stepped backward, having the effect of the following Brothers volunteering for the ADU Investigation committee, to provide a report to the Hall Association in time. Ray, Charles, Jesse, Robert.   ADU-Brochure Link:



Bills & Reimbursements:

Today’s Breakfast Fund Raiser (a request for reimbursement)

Bills: 209.34 for Breakfast & Lunch.

$230 was donated for Breakfast, and $200 for lunch, creating a new donation of $220.66 for the Lodge Building Fund.

SOI: Food (a request for reimbursement)

Bills: $175.14 for Texas to Provide Refreshment for the SOI held at Salinas Lodge.

A motion was made, 2nd-ed, and the Lodge voted to pay her bills.

Discussion of Grand Lodge Proposals:

The Worshipful Master offered explanation of the 2023 Grand Lodge Proposed changes to the CA Masonic Code.

While a hearty and exciting discussion ensued, the discussion centered around the concept of freedom. The Freedom to interpret the existing CMC rules as is today, or adjust and add some some flexibility for Lodges who vote to do things a little differently. Most were not changes that Must be adopted, but were to have the option of, at the choosing of the Lodge.

At this time, one of our officers had had enough and became light headed. The Worshipful Doctor Herrick, and retired Fire Fighter Scott Sorensen attended, for his benefit. The jewels were separated as we had 5 visitors from next door who came over to check on things. The Master decided the Lodge had enough discussion of Grand Lodge Politics. All ended on a positive note, and the Brother is feeling well.

Discussion of “Pancake Breakfast Fund Raiser” to be held for the community, on the Morning of our next stated meeting, coinciding with San Juan Bautista City Events. Last year we suggested a $7 donation per person. This year, we propose $10 per person and $5 for kids. Scott, Ray, JD, Brian and Jack will explore further and produce the event.

Building Fund Donation: Benjamin Franklin Green Back

Worshipful Robert Robbins the Worshipful Master of Carmel-by-the-Sea Lodge no.680 and our Senior Deacon here at Texas Lodge no.46 offered the secretary a $100, to “support the old lady” referring to our building. In good times, and bad, no matter a man’s personal short term finances, he should support and build edifices to what he believes in. Thank you Worshipful Sr. Deacon Robert Robbins!



The Lodge was called to refreshment for lunch, at 12:20PM, to resume to the business of conferring the 1st Degree upon Issac Steinman.


The Lodge was once again called to order, at 1:20PM, with Raymond E. Hill IVth in the East, Brian Vanderpool in the South, and JD as Senior Steward, and Worshipful Kevin Herrick as Jr. Steward, to conffer the 1st Degree upon Issac Steinman.

The Lodge was closed at 3:12PM, peace and harmony prevailing.

Respectfully Submitted,
Loren George McKechnie

Secretary of Texas Lodge no.46 F. & A.M. of California

Kevin Herrick, Worshipful Master