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September Trestleboard


September, 2023

Greetings, Brother Texan,

Please join me in congratulating Brother Scott Sorensen, the newest Master Mason of Texas Lodge #46!  What a great outdoor degree we had, with an awesome BBQ meal, fun ranch activities, and wonderful music by Brother Carson Chandler of Virginia City. I can’t believe the goats were even right on cue in the degree ceremony!  Thank you, Worshipful Wilson, for providing a great venue for the lodge to enjoy! Please take a look at some of the photos Secretary Loren has posted on the webpage.

We have planned an exciting activity for members, family, and friends on Saturday September 23 when we will meet at Skip Bates’ property in Aromas and have a fun time target shooting with our firearms!  We will have a designated Range Master and strict gun safety rules will be in force.  What a great opportunity to have some family fun and introduce a friend to Texas Lodge’s hospitality, so bring your family and friends.

We also have slated on the calendar the Sand Castle Building Contest in association with Carmel Lodge at Carmel Beach, September 16.  Please check the social calendar for our many family-friendly activities.

At our stated meeting in September we anticipate holding a ballot on the application of Mr. Issac Steinman to join California’s most outstanding Masonic Lodge. Period!  After our stated business, we will have a lunch break and then proceed to initiate him as the concluding business of our September stated meeting, so all Masons please plan to remain for the degree Saturday Sept 9.

We have a loaded social 2023 calendar, which you can always find here: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/embed?src=sanjuanbautistatxlodge46@gmail.com&ctz=America/Los_Angeles . But if you have a smart phone, please use the following link to synchronize the Lodge’s calendar into yours, so you won’t ever miss an event:  https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/r?cid=sanjuanbautistatxlodge46@gmail.com .

Brothers, I have posted QR codes in the lodge cantina near the flag, and in the Tyler’s room near the sign in Register.   You can point your I-phone camera or QR code reader at one of several of these QR codes to get immediate access to online postings such as your monthly Trestleboard (found under the NEWS heading on the Texas 46 webpage), the Texas social calendar, the 150th anniversary history publication from 2003, the virtual tour of our lodge, Worshipful Captain Storey’s 1860 funeral obituary newspaper release, or the history of our 36-star flag.  Bring a friend to the next stated breakfast and show him around, and share the links with him!

I am pleased to report that Texas Lodge has achieved 100% officer giving to the California Masonic Foundation this year, setting an example of charity that many have come to recognize as central to our core as Texans.

Brothers, the minimum masonic requirement to advance in Masonry is to learn a small portion of ritual to become proficient on a degree before you advance to the next.  I encourage any Brother in the process of becoming a Master Mason to rededicate and practice the ritual work you have been shown, and continue to make progress.  Our Masonic rituals and meetings provide us many ethical lessons that all true men and good would agree are wise and serious truths.  Contact your advancement coach or myself and devise ways to learn the work in your down time throughout the day, such as while commuting or eating a meal alone. And to the Brothers who are considering being an officer in Lodge for 2024: you should be making final progress on the proficiency for that position.  Please be ready to present your proficiency by October’s stated meeting, only 1 month away.

Thank you for your continued support of Texas-46, California’s Most Outstanding Masonic Lodge. Period.  We are such a unique lodge because of each of you and the contributions of fellowship and Brotherly Love you bring to our meetings.


Sincerely and fraternally yours,

Kevin Herrick, Worshipful Master


SAT Sept 9 @ 9 am Family Breakfast and Stated Meeting, Be sure to bring family and friends to our monthly fundraiser breakfast.  Lodge opens at 10 for the stated meeting.

SAT Sept 9 @ noon – 4pm Lunch and Initiation of Mr. Issac Steinman

SAT Sept 16 Carmel Lodge Sand Castle Building contest, Carmel Beach; all Masons and family and friends invited

SAT Sept 23 @ 9 am Texas gunslinger target practice at Skip Bates’ property, all Masons and family and friends invited

SAT October 14 @ 9 am Family Breakfast and Stated Meeting, Be sure to bring family and friends to our monthly fundraiser breakfast.  Lodge opens at 10 for the stated meeting.

FRI October 20- SAT October 21 Family Lodge ghostbuster fundraiser sleepover in the Lodge.

FRI October 27- SUN October 29 GRAND LODGE, Master Masons only, in San Francisco.

SAT November 11 @ 9 am Family Breakfast, Stated Meeting, Election of 2024 Officers, and Lunch Family Celebration of ROB WILSON, 60 YEARS A MASTER MASON. Be sure to bring family and friends to this outstanding event.  Lodge opens at 10 for the stated meeting. 9 am a light breakfast snack and coffee.