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A Message from our Worshipful Inspector

Inspector, 353rd Masonic District

Brothers and Friends,
This long and busy summer for Lodges in the District is coming to a close. There have been many special
events furthering the aims of our Fraternity. Several degrees have been conferred including Texas Lodge holding a very memorable outdoor degree for their newest Master Mason, Chuck Baylacq.

Positive Awareness of Masonry in our local communities, which is one of the three foundational themes
of the 2025 Fraternity Plan, is strong in the District! Including the August 14 pancake breakfast at Texas
Lodge that kicked off the very first “San Juan Day” celebration for the community of San Juan Bautista.

As we head into Fall there is more exciting work to be done as we prepare for the new Masonic year and
the new line of officers and activities in the lodge. The Lodge executive committee should have the
notional line set for next year. The presumptive officers planning to be installed should contact
me to make arrangements for their proficiency if you have not already done so. This year’s officers will
be a tough act to follow so preparation now will make a smooth year in 2023.

This month’s officers’ SOI will be Wednesday, September 28 at Texas Lodge from 7:00-9:00 PM. We will be preparing for Annual Communications in October and ensuring all officers have their qualifications in order.

The Grand Master has proclaimed September to be “Public Schools Month”. This recognizes our 102
year tradition of supporting and celebrating public education.

As a fraternity, we have championed many great causes – but perhaps none so personal, or so affecting, as that of public education. From helping to establish the nation’s first public school systems to helping bring California’s public schools out of crisis in 1920, Masons have been on the forefront. We continue to be leaders in statewide support of public schools through early literacy skills for kindergarteners at high risk for educational failure; scholarships for deserving – but often overlooked – high school seniors who might not otherwise have the ability to obtain a higher education; and a number of other critically needed programs benefiting underserved youth.

With fraternal affection,
Mark S. Breckenridge, PM
Inspector, 353rd Masonic District