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Making a Mason | The 1st Degree of Mr. Scott David Sorensen



February 19th 6022 AL

At 10:42am The Lodge was called to order on the 773rd page of our bible, for the purpose of conferring the 1st degree of Masonry upon Mr. Scott David Sorensen.

The pledge of allegiance was lead by the sitting Worshipful Master Dr. Kevin Herrick PM

Officers stations were filled by:

A beautiful degree was witnessed by all in attendance, as reflected in the Tilers register.

After the degree, the Worshipful Kevin Herrick offered our newly obligated brother some general tips for behavior and demeanor within a lodge of EA Masons. It was reiterated, that it is the well worn custom of Texas Lodge Brethren to perform all proficiencies in the full and long form. One would be cheating themselves of the work, and the rewards of the process if they were to shortcut with the short form proficiency. He expounded that the a traveling man, might be required to work his way into a lodge, and the long form would greatly aid in this pursuit.

Lodge was closed at 12:15pm, in due form.

Respectfully submitted

Secretary of Texas Lodge no.46 F.&A.M. of California