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Happy New Years 2022

It’s 2022!

We welcome a new year and all the hope and opportunity that it brings to us, our families, and the Fraternity.  I hope you all had a joyful and blessed holiday and are ready for a busy and exciting start to the New Year.

January will be the Installation of the newly elected and appointed officers for the Masonic year.  These Brothers have worked hard to prepare for their duties in supporting the Lodge.  And the Installation Ceremony with its description of these duties serves as a public reminder of the trust and faith we put in our Brothers to carry out their Masonic commitments.

In January it will also be my pleasure to announce the Officer Coach appointments for 2022.  These worshipful brothers have also put considerable time and effort into helping the Lodge prepare the officers for their new roles and it will be my privilege to work with them, and you, in the coming year.

I will communicate the date and time of our first SOI of 2022 to be announced at the January Stated Meeting .

Finally we kick off the year with several new initiations in the District and I cannot think of a better way to start the New Year than by welcoming new Entered Apprentice masons to our fellowship and the Craft!


Happy New Year!

Mark S. Breckenridge, PM
Inspector, 353rd District