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November Stated Meeting & Election of 2022 Officers


Our Brother Jake Miranti, traveling from Texas proper, stationed here at Monterey offered a wonderful presentation over breakfast, recounting the history of Masonry in the great state of Texas.

Lodge was opened on the 1st degree of Freemasonry to the 863rd page of the Holy Scripture, on the 13th of November 2021, at 10:23AM to conduct the regular business of the Stated meeting and hold the election of officers for the ensuing masonic year.

Old Business:

Worshipful Kevin Herrick offered the lodge an update on the project to scan the records of the Lodge. It was noted that some unnamed brethren may have expressed desire for their names not to be shared in the public record. Please let the secretary know if you would like to keep your name discreet. Given that over 200,000 Masons perished in German camps during the Second World War, this request for being discreet during these tumultuous political times seems reasonable.

New Business:
Worshipful Herrick then presented two framed aprons for display on the Lodge wall. The first was worn by Brother Jim Fox who was a Freemason for 60 years, when he set down his earthly working tools and went to work at the celestial lodge in June of 2017. A second apron was also presented for display, its origin unknown, being found in the Texas Lodge safe. It is adorned with the all seeing eye of providence.

Orator and Brother Jake Miranti presented the Lodge with a poster of the Texas Flag and the Square and Compass.

With the great success of our Poker night, will the Brethren please note that there is a second round scheduled for December 1st, at 7pm.

This being Veterans Day, the Master said a few gracious words about this great day of remembrance and all the sacrifices our fellow countrymen have endured, to keep our people free. He recalled something his father used to note, that of an ideal response when addressing a veteran. Don’t just say “Thank you for your service” , but rather express your gratitude by saying “welcome home”


The Application for affiliation from Brother Jim Riley, was read and approved. The application for degrees for Mr. James Caldwell and Mr. William Headley were approved with a vote. We look forward to a double first degree in the near future.

Sunshine Report:

The Worshipful Master recently spoke with Marion Pava. She offered an update on Bro. Joe Pava. He is in good spirits, but has been dealing with his advancing Parkinson’s. He would love to receive a phone call from you.

The Master also spoke with Brother Wolfgang Lochner, who had a rough go of it with the CCP virus. Please feel free to reach out to our beloved brother.

Election of Officers:

Charles Baylacq, BJ McCuiston, and visiting orator Jake Miranti served as Tellers. They assisted the lodge to elect the following brothers to serve the lodge for the 2022 Masonic Year.

The 2022 Elected and Appointed Officers:

At 11:47pm the lodge was closed, in long form.

Respectfully Submitted,

Secretary Loren George McKechnie                                          Date: 11/15/2021

Worshipful Master Jeff Strouse                                                 Date: 11/15/2021