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Special Meeting | First historic Virtual Installation of Officers | January 2nd 2021

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On the 2nd of January 6021 Anno Lucis at, the officers of Texas Lodge no.46 were Virtually Installed into their respective offices via a Zoom meeting. The Virtual Special meeting was opened on the First Degree of Masonry, at 5pm. As the Brethren and guests peaceably shuffled into the Virtual house of the Fraternity, it was noted how especially well dressed and matching the Brethren of Texas Lodge appeared.  Worshipful Robert L. Wilson, PM. served the Brotherhood as Installing officer. Worshipful Loren R. Griffith, PM served as Master of Ceremonies. The Virtual coordination was handled by Loren George McKechnie.

The Worshipful Master Jeff Strouse led the brethren in the Pledge of Allegiance and salute to the pristine flag, of our great yet tattered nation.

The 2021 Installed Officers:

Tiler: Wolfgang Lochner

Senior Steward: Charles Baylacq

Junior Steward: Richard Goldstein

Marshal: John Densem

Senior Deacon: Robert Robins, PM

Junior Deacon: Matt LeBaron

Secretary: Loren McKechnie

The spirit of the Assistant Secretary: Dr. Kevin Herrick, PM was installed despite not attending. He was busy attending to patients afflicted by the Chinese Corona Virus.

Chaplain: David Driesbach, PM

Treasurer: Jess Rodriquez

Senior Warden: Raymond E. Hill, PM

Master: Jeff Strouse

The meeting was closed at 7:10 pm.

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The Tiler Register reflects the following Brothers in attendance.

Worshipful Thomas Compton, PM

Bryant Day

Brent Burgess

Arnold Egger

Wayne Heimsoth

Guest: Carolyn Perkins

Respectfully Submitted,

Secretary Loren George McKechnie                                          Date: 1/02/2021

Worshipful Master Jeff Strouse                                                 Date: 1/01/2021