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June Trestle-board: Stated 6/8/2019 & 1st Degree of Garrett Wright

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he stated meeting of June, and the Degree of Entered Apprentice was conferred upon Mr. Garrett Wright on the 8th of June 2019.

The meeting was well attended, with a few first time visitors including Peter Cardilla and John Mungia, hailing from Salinas Lodge.

The minutes from the stated meeting of May were read by the secretary, and after helping the worshipful master fish a ladybug from deep within his magnificent beard, the minutes were approved as read, noting, there being no “ladies” allowed within a just and legally constituted lodge.

Our newly obligated brother Garrett Wright was met west of the altar by our secretary Kevin Herrick PM and presented the customary gift of a first-time visitor to Texas Lodge, it being his first meeting as a newly made mason.

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Garrett was invested with the 1st-degree study materials and cipher. It was then propounded upon him to read a passage from the cipher aloud to the lodge. The necessity of a coach was then appointed to assist in his memory work. It was determined and communicated that Worshipful Jim Shimmerhorn PM, would mentor our newly obligated brother.

The secretary affirmed that the cipher and study materials were to be trusted, as sanctioned by the Grand Lodge of California, unlike that questionable misinformation to be found on the Internet.

Our worshipful secretary Kevin Herrick PM gave the lodge an update on the “Rumble on Highway 50 motorcycle trip”, which was canceled due many days of bad weather forecast along the route. He did, however, make his way to the Ghost town of Nevadaville Colorado to attend the raising ceremonies, with that modern flying machine, which penetrates the heavens, above the earthly concerns of weather and forecasts.

Kevin was accompanied to the ceremonies by his son Crispin who lives in Colorado, finishing up his studies in dental school. Our secretary mentioned that within the ceremonies of the raising of multiple candidates, it was the first time he witnessed the obligation of multiple candidates at the same time. It seems they do things a bit differently in Colorado.

Upcoming Events:

June 22nd: Masons in the Grove. Santa Lucia #302 Hosting Possee conferral for Brother Johnathan Sevey, as Sargent at Salinas Valley State Prison. Location: Forest Ranch 3540 Hecker Pass Rd. Gilroy, CA

July 6th: Hiram Award Dinner To Honor Michael D. “Max” Schell.  WM Dylan Fletcher and the Brethren of Santa Lucia Lodge No. 302, F&AM
Saturday 6th of July, 2019 Reception at 5 pm ~ Dinner at 6 pm in King City. More info here:

July 9th: Salinas Lodge #204 Stated Meeting and Dinner 6pm-9pm

July 13th: Texas Lodge no.46 Stated Meeting @ 9 am Breakfast, 10 am Meeting called to order.


Brother Loren George McKechnie

Assistant Secretary & WebMaster