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How to Deal with Conflict and Confrontation as a Gentleman

No one likes confrontation. It never seems to bring out the best in us. But as Freemasons we are eger to improve ourselves to become better gentlemen, fathers, brothers, and sons. I would like to share again the wonderful YouTube channel from Sven of Gentlemens Gazette. I think he succinctly brings some light to these topics, we can all learn from.

Honesty and straightfoward communicaiton usually get the best results, but often times we are not fully aware of the entire situation. There are always at least two sides to any situation, and an end goal which often requires an amicable solution for more than one party.

Sometimes its the “delivery”, and carefully expressing your thoughts, and feelings that make all the difference. When things get heated we can be pulled down by momentum of a conversation, and end up rapidly firing off direct acquisations that will get in the way and hinder a successful discussion and resolution.

I think all of us know inately, there is internal work to be done here, this opportunity exists within all of us. Explore this short video, and take some of these tips to heart, next time you are in a situation where conflict or confrontation are edging their way in.

Sincerely, Loren George McKechnie