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Trestle Board- January 2019 Digital Issue #1.


I am pleased to announce that we have created a new Digital Version of the Trestleboard for Texas Lodge No. 46.

Please Click to Download  Trestleboard Digital Issue #1. Tx. Lodge No. 46

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Texas Lodge No.46

Digital Issue #1  January 15th 2019


In this issue:

  • Stated Meeting Notes
  • The New Tx Lodge Website
  • Grand Lodge Comms
  • Lodge History of Note
  • Schedule of Events



On Saturday, January 5th, 2019 the Joint Installation of Officers was held at Salinas Lodge #204 in Salinas.


Installed Officers for 2019
Master Raymond E. Hill IV PM.
Senior Warden Robert R. Robbins
Junior Warden David Dreisbach, PM
Secretary Kevin Herrick, PM
Asst. Secretary Loren McKechnie
Treasurer “Jessie” J. Rodriquez
Senior Deacon Richard J. Bartlett PM
Junior Deacon Wolfgang Lochner
Marshal John A. Densem
Senior Steward Matthew LeBaron
Junior Steward Charles E. Baylacq
Tyler Joseph Pava
Chaplain James R. Schimmerhorn PM (To be installed)


Thank you to everyone who helped make this a wonderful event! Breakfast was served to a full house at the Stated Meeting, Saturday, January 12th, 2019. During our first meeting of the year, a vote was held in favor of the affiliation of Gene Bishop. Welcome, brother Gene to Texas Lodge #46!  I look forward to the year ahead of us with anticipation of more growth to our membership.


I would like to discuss having practice at our Lodge for degree work on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Please be present at the February Stated Meeting to give your input to this plan. This year promises to be a busy one and I would like us all to be prepared.


On the level,

Ray Hill, Worshipful Master

(831) 245 – 8460



The Tx. Lodge new Website


A special thanks is due brother Loren Mckechnie for putting together our new website, and continuing to build & maintain our digital presence. He is requesting your assistance, in bringing stories and photos, to be featured on the Website & TrestleBoard.

Where to find Texas Lodge on the web


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TXlodge/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/txlodge/

YouTube:  (Please Subscribe)



The Real Mason ( A poem)


My brother, Masonry is much more

Then just the wearing of a pin

Or carrying a-paid-up dues receipt

So the Lodge will let you in.

An emblem may set upon your coat

From your finger flash a ring

But if you’re not sincere at heart

This doesn’t mean a thing.

It’s merely an outward sign to show

The world that you belong

To this great fraternal brotherhood

That teaches right from wrong.

What really counts lies buried deep

Within the human breast

‘Til Masonic teaching brings it out

And puts it to the test.

If you can practice out of the lodge

The thing you learn within

To be just and upright to yourself

And to your fellow man.

Console a brother when he’s sick

Or assist him when in need

Without a thought of personal gain

For any act or deed.

Walk and act in such a way

That the world without can see

None but the best can meet the test

Laid down by Masonry.

Always live up to your trust

And do the best you can

Then you can proudly tell the world

That you’re a Mason and … a man.


Masonic Info of Intrigue from the Grand Lodge of California

Excerpts from the 2018 Annual Report

When it comes to California Masonic membership numbers, tracking growth can be confusing. That’s because between 1944 to 1953, around 115,000 men were made Masons in California lodges, nearly doubling our membership in a single decade. Unfortunately, this growth proved to be unsustainable – and the resulting decline has spanned decades. The good news? If, next year, every California lodge achieves just two more gains and two fewer losses, our membership will likely stabilize. And from there, we will be poised for growth.

Demand for Masonry is rising – renewing our presence in urban areas, and spreading to communities that have never had a lodge before. And, with a membership focus that emphasizes close connections and genuine friendships, our brotherhood has never been stronger or more vibrant!

Our California Fraternity welcomed 2,677 new brothers in 2018


966 – Entered Apprentices Initiated,

705 – Fellow Crafts passed

277 – Brothers restored to good standing

655 – Master Masons raised

74 – Out-of-state affiliations

19 New Lodges Instituted since 2015, now California Lodges are numbered in the #860+ range.


Interesting Facts of Tx Lodge


Continuing on the topic of new members. There is a note in the Centennial program, which mentions a “slack period which set in, during the 25 years between 1874->1899, only 20 new members were admitted into the lodge.”


Since the completion of our Lodge building on June 24th 1869 it has been serving the Brothers of Texas Lodge No.46 and freemasonry in general for: 149 Years, 6 months and 8 days, or 1,794 Months, or 7,801 weeks and 5 days, or a total of 54,612 days.  


On February 19th, 1854 degree fees were set at $25, and Affiliation Fees $5. Stated meetings were the 2nd Saturday of the month, and the 4th Saturday of the month. Not much has changed in all this time.


On June 13th, 1868 a committee is formed to evaluate the building of a Lodge Hall for Texas Lodge, who had been meeting on the third floor of  The National Hotel which was recently constructed. Budget set not to exceed $1,200. No record of a meeting place location was found before mention of the hotel.


On August 8th 1869, some progress is made, and a lot purchased for $300. Lodge members approved the building of a new Masonic Temple with a budget not to exceed $4,000. It makes me wonder how the budget almost quadrupled in the year that passed. My guess is that the generosity of fellow masons is somehow related.


Considering Tx. Lodge was built for less than $4,000.00 at the time, accounting for Inflation that is about $75,000 in today’s 2019 greenbacks. She has lasted quite well, with the dedication and care of our brothers and community.


The following bid for her first coat of exterior paint dated June 8th 1987 details “2 Coats of paint @ 16 cents per square yard, or 3 coats of paint @ 24 cents per square yard. Blinks @34 cents per pair. Total cost $186.25”


Other Building details of note:

Plumbing added April 10th 1909

Electric Lighting installed Aug 14th 1909

Roof Reshingled Aug 13th 1910



Loren George McKechnie

Assistant Secretary

Texas Lodge No.46

P.O. Box 553

San Juan Bautista, CA 95045


February Calendar of Events


Date Agenda
Jan 5th Installation of 2019 Officers
Jan 12th Tx Lodge Stated Meeting

Fundraising Breakfast 9am

Meeting 10am

Jan 26th Division III Lodge Outreach Meeting at the San Jose Masonic Center hosted by San Jose Lodge #10

8:30 am Breakfast 9:00 am – Noon Meeting.

Feb 9th Tx Lodge Stated Meeting

Fundraising Breakfast 9am

Meeting 10am

Feb 16th Past Masters Convocation at South Valley Lodge #187 in Morgan Hill 12:00 pm Social 1:00 pm Meeting
Feb 25th School of Instruction San Benito Lodge # 211 in Hollister, 6:30 pm
Mar 9th Tx Lodge Stated Meeting

Fundraising Breakfast 9am Meeting 10am