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August 12th 2023 Stated Meeting

The August 12th 2023 stated meeting of Texas Lodge no. 46 Free & Accepted Masons of California was opened upon the 259th page of our Bible, Samuel, upon the first degree of Masonry in San Juan Bautista California, for the transaction of business.

This Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons opened at 10:20AM with Worshipful Brother Hans Straub PM in the East, Worshipful Brother Richard Bartlett in the West, and Worshipful Brother Raymond E. Hill IVth in the South.

Other officers, members, and visitors present are recorded in the Tiler’s register. Treasurer John Densem, Secretary Loren McKechnie, Chaplain Ray E. Hill IVth, Sr. Deacon Robert Robbins PM, Jr. Deacon Charles E. Baylacq, Marshal Jack Swallow, Sr. Steward John Diemas, Jr. Steward Jesse Rodriquez, Tyler Charles Hewitt. 

There were no new 1st time visitors. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by the master, followed by the singing of the National Anthem.





The Master made a request to the Hall Association President (Brother Charles Beylacq) to hold a meeting.

Items to address:


The Treasurer offered the Lodge his exemplary Semi-Annual Financial Report. Lodge began 2023 with #33,865.01 and receipts through 6/30/23 totaled $8,902.75 with corresponding expenses of $7,440/75 leaving a balance at the end of June of $35,327.01


The Worshipful Master of the Lodge Brother Kevin Herrick proposed an idea to the lodge, that will be considered by the Hall Association. Namely that idea of replacing the old shed in the back 40′, with an idea which has been gaining traction in this great State of California. The Master reiterated that Texas Lodge, while indeed historic, has avoided the “Trap” of getting special treatment by registering the building as historic and saving property tax, as this “special status” as a ‘Registered Historic Building” comes with many additional encumbrances on our freedom, to update remodel or even paint “Paint The Old Girl” a new shade of beautiful.

This idea, is also known as an ADU allows the cost effective building of a rental dwelling, which might defer the costs of keeping up this 153 year old building. The Master requested volunteers for a committee to investigate this concept. The following stepped forward. Ray, Charles, Jesse, Robert.   Brochure Link:

A snake in my boot!

The Master presented Brother Jessie Dimas “JD” of Escurial Lodge in Virginia City a beautiful accessory, cleaned, tanned and ready to use as a hat band. This beautiful Rattle Snake hat band, is similar to the one donned by the Master himself.

50 Year Award Presentation:

Laurence Connell  was presented the 50 year award for his dedication to the craft of Freemasonry for, yes, 50 Years.


Masonic Education:


The Lodge was closed in due form at 11:53AM, peace and harmony prevailing.

Respectfully Submitted,
Loren George McKechnie

Secretary of Texas Lodge no.46 F. & A.M. of California

Kevin Herrick, Worshipful Master