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Making a Mason | 1st Degree of Brother Johnstone

A special  Meeting of Texas Lodge no. 46 Free & Accepted Masons of California was held on June 25th 6022 AL, at 402 2nd street in San Juan Bautista, California.  A lodge of Entered Apprentice Masons was opened at 10:20am with the Worshipful Brother Kevin Herrick in the East, Worshipful Brother Rick Bartlett in the West, and Worshipful Brother Raymond E. Hill IV in the South.  Other officers, members, and visitors present were recorded in the Tiler’s register.

Worshipful Past Master of Texas Lodge, Brother Hans Straub was seated in the East as our special guest who eloquently delivered the charge to our candidate, as he has done many times before in this lodge.

The Lodge was closed in due form at 11:55am. Thereafter, the Master offered the lodge instruction, for the benefit of its new entered apprentices, information pertaining to the comportment of oneself, when in a lodge of EA masons.

Topics included the “hot lava” when a Lodge is open. (not an official masonic term, but you know exactly what I mean), how to respectfully address those who have presided over a lodge, and how and when to sit and stand up. He offered insights on the plain badge of a mason, and how to care for it by using it in your work within lodge, as well as showcasing the vanity of adorned and ornate badges we have framed on our wall as showcased by GL officers.

The mini SOI concluded by instruction on how to enter and leave a lodge while in session, as well as the count upon which you might properly offer due guards and signs. 

Respectfully submitted,
Loren George McKechnie

Secretary of Texas Lodge no.46 F. & A.M. of California

Raymond E. Hill IV

Worshipful Master of Texas Lodge no.46 F. & A.M. of California