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Opening the door, how to talk about Freemasonry?

The Grand Lodge of California has released a new guide, to help Freemasons now how to share information about the Brotherhood with non-masons.

Please download it HERE:


HOW DID YOU FIRST LEARN about Freemasonry?
Was it by stepping into a lodge hall in your town and
meeting with members? Was it at a community event?
Searching online? From a film or TV show?

In all likelihood, you learned about Freemasonry
from someone you trust—your grandparents or
parents or a colleague or friend. Research shows that
by far the most common introduction that current
members had to the organization came from a
personal connection, not the Internet.

It’s important, then, that members feel comfortable
talking about Freemasonry and well-informed about
it—and that those considering joining are provided
with simple and accurate information. Despite the
persistent myth about Masonry being a “secret“
group, members are absolutely allowed to and even
encouraged to discuss their experience with people
around them. It’s how the tradition stays alive, from
one person to the next.

This booklet is intended to help with that. Use it as
a guide or give it to a friend or relative who wants to
learn more. Don’t worry about memorizing answers.
The most powerful thing you can do is share is your
personal experience. Here are some examples to get
you started.