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Texas Lodge Launches Online Store

With the assistance of Worshipful Brother Neal Greenberg, Texas Lodge has launched its online store.

You can select from 65 items featuring the logo of Texas Lodge no.46.

Best of all, the Lodge receives 10% of the proceeds.  Consider giving a gift of a Texas Lodge no.46 branded item.

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A note from Neal:

My name is Neal Greenberg.  I am a Past Master of Alameda Lodge 167 F&A.M. in Fremont California.  In my non-Masonic life I am a marketing executive with a love for creating graphics.  This is a blending of Masonry and Graphics, my two passions.  This started due to the fact that I was creating t-shirts and mug designs for my home Lodge and decided to do it for all Masons.  I would love to create something for your Lodge specifically.  Let us talk On The Level.  Contact me at neal@2b1ask1.today