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March Greetings from the Inspector Mark Breckenridge PM


Happy March greetings to our entire Fraternal Family!  This is particularly appropriate because the Grand Master has proclaimed March as Masonic Youth Order Month.  We recognize and celebrate DeMolay International, Job’s Daughters International, and the International Order of Rainbow for Girls as the next generation of California Masonry that embody the Masonic values of our fraternity.  This year is especially notable because we observe the 100th Anniversary of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls.  Please make an extra effort to engage your Lodge to support all of our Youth Orders and help celebrate this historic and important milestone for Rainbow Girls!

This month marks the end of the first quarter of the Masonic year and we are in full swing with practices, degrees, and other special events. The Master & Wardens Retreat will be in San Ramon this month and I hope each Master and SW/JW is able to attend. Even if you’ve been in your station many times before I promise you, you will learn something new about how you can better serve your Lodge Brothers.

This month’s District Officers School of Instruction will be March 22 hosted by Salinas Lodge No,204 from 7:30-9:00 PM.  The Salinas Lodge officers and WB Tom Crompton, the Officer’s Coach, will assist me in reviewing general floor work and rod work as well as a brush up on the officers Jewel March.  I hope some of you will also share any thoughts or ideas you gained from the Leadership retreat.

Finally, I will be privileged to visit some District lodges this month with my Official Visit.  This is truly humbling for me and I cannot tell you what an honor it is to serve you as your Inspector.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if I can help in anyway.

With fraternal affection,

Mark S. Breckenridge, PM
Inspector, 353rd Masonic District