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Stated Meeting January 8th 2022

TEXAS LODGE Number 46 



~ January 8, 6022 ANNO LUCIS~

407 Second Street, San Juan Bautista, California


Page 677 of our Bible, at 10:23 AM, opened Lodge on the first degree of Masonry in due form

The officers’ stations and places were filled by the following Brethren:

Worshipful Brother Raymond Hill, IV, Past Master, stood in the east 

Worshipful Master Jeff Strouse stood in the west

Worshipful Brother Thomas Crompton, Past Master, of Salinas Lodge #204, stood in the south

Brother Wayne Heimsoth served as Treasurer

Worshipful Brother Kevin Herrick, Past Master, served as Secretary 

Worshipful Brother David Driesbach, Past Master served as Chaplain

Brother Matthew Le Baron was Senior Deacon 

Worshipful Brother Richard Bartlett, Past Master, served as Junior Deacon

Brother Charles Baylacq was Senior Steward

the Lodge was tyled by Brother Wolfgang Lochner.

Other Brethren were in attendance as reflected in the Tyler’s Register.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of our nation was led by the Master.

The minutes of the stated meeting of December 11, 2021 were read and approved.


Applications to receive the degrees of Masonry were received without objection from Mr. Ever Jose Robles and from Mr. Scott David Sorensen.

A Ballot on the application for affiliation of Worshipful Brother John Sigismondi, Past Master was held and found to be Bright, thus affiliating him to Texas Lodge #46

A communication from Worshipful Brother Bryant Day, past Master, was read concerning Grand Lodge of Nevada’s article on Worshipful Brother Edward Farris Storey’s Masonic journey and his role in Nevada history.

Worshipful Brother Kevin Herrick, Past Master, gave update on the project to create a virtual tour of our Texas Lodge and post it online for general public access.

Election of Texas Lodge Trustee

Brother Wayne Heimsoth was nominated, seconded, and unanimously elected to a 3-year term on the Lodge Board of Trustees. Thus, the Board of Trustees for the Lodge financial investments currently constituted are:

Brother Rich Goldstein (term expires 2023)

Brother William Eckard (term expires 2023) 

and Brother Wayne Heimsoth (Term expires 2024)

Money Matters.

Annual Budget Proposed: An annual budget was proposed by the Master, based upon the previous year with no changes for the 2022 ensuing masonic year.

Funds received this date by the Secretary, all of which were delivered to the Treasurer and for which receipt was taken, are:

Applications (2) for Degrees fees $   600.00

2022 Dues (5)     537.50

Building Fund         2.50

Fundraiser breakfast net proceeds to date (to be added to building fund):     115.00

Total: $1,255.00

It was moved, seconded and unanimously approved to pay our bills, to wit:

Ramona Hill, meal supplies   $  42.00

Rent to Hall Association for 2022 $600.00

Jeff Strouse for meals over the past months (receipts posted with Secretary)  $781.49

For the Good of Masonry.

It was reported that Worshipful Brother Hans Straub and his wife Ilse, who are residing in the Masonic Home in Union City, both contracted Covid-19 last week; both are improving.  Worshipful Brother Herrick will contact them.

The Texas Lodge open Officer Installation will be held prior to a combined open ceremony of San Benito Lodge #211 and Salinas Lodge # 204, in Salinas, on January 15, 2022.

The Master-elect has published a tentative schedule of activities for 2022, available near the Tyler’s Register.

A double First degree will be held in our Texas Lodge on January 22.

First time visitors to our lodge, Entered Apprentice Jober Gonzalez of Salinas #204 and Worshipful Brother Michael George Warren, Past Master of Franklin Lodge #195 F&AM New York, and member of Mount Moriah Lodge #292, were greeted west of the altar and presented a Texas Lodge coffee mug by the Secretary


There being nothing further offered for the benefit of Masonry, Lodge was closed in short form and on the square, according to the time-honored and accepted custom of our beloved Craft, at 11:38 AM.


Respectfully submitted:

Kevin Herrick, PM Assistant Secretary

Raymond E. Hill IV

Master of Texas Lodge no.46 F. & A.M. of California