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Hiram Award Presentation for Loren George McKechnie

A special meeting was held on the 18th of September at 6:30pm for the presentation of the Hiram Award to our esteemed secretary Brother Loren George McKechnie. It was preceded by a Texas BBQ to remember. Fraternity and Brotherly Love was evident throughout the Parlor, Kitchen, Dining Hall and the BBQ pit in the back yard.

The smell of a distant time, wafted through the Parlor, when Worshipful Bryant Day found a delectable treat in the Humidor, which began to spontaneously combust indoors. Hon. Jeffery Toone offered the Secretary a treat from a far off isle, once reigned by the Castro family.  The airs of a distant time drew a gathering to the front stairs of the Lodge, or was it an exodus from the hazy Parlor.

A Methuselah (6L) was uncorked and the barkeep quickly realized that while the bar has certainly come together, it was not fully ready, to support such a grand and well attended event.

The dinner bell rang, and a feast was enjoyed by all. The Stewards noted, 10 Tri Tips, Sausages, Gratin potatoes, cookies, potato salad, mixed greens, cornbread, garlic-bread, salad, chili-beans, and a very nice cake.

After the feast, the Ladies and Gentlemen headed up to the Lodge room for a jovial presentation offered by Worshipful Raymond E. Hill IVth. The secretary was graciously presented the Award, Medal and Pin by his lovely wife Sydney McKechnie. He then retired to his desk and presented a few prepared remarks included below.


Respectfully submitted,

Secretary Loren George McKechnie

Worshipful Master Jeff Strouse