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Stated Meeting of June 12th 2021

The Stated Meeting of June, was held via Zoom with a few fully vaccinated brothers attending  at the Lodge, on Saturday the 12th of June. With all Brethren in attendance confirmed to be Masons, fully vaccinated or tested to be Covid-19 free, the Lodge was opened at 10:01AM. The Master lead the brethren in the pledge of allegiance to the flag, of our great nation.

Previous Meeting Minutes:

The minutes of the virtual stated meeting of May, were approved as read.

Bills and Communications:

No bills were presented.


The master received the following communications from our Past Master, Father Edward D. White P.M. It has some historical interest and intrigue, and thus I am including it for your benefit.

Wor. White 1988.jpg


When I added my name to the Lodge roll in 1985, I signed in the
Lodge Great Lights.  It may still be in use or nearby.
If so, Please have a look and see if my name is inscribed
therein.  Shaky memory thinks I was number 369.
In those days the lodge met on a sat as the members
worked all week in the local industry.  Most would be
clad in working clothes.  One of the Grand Masters
answered someone about the Lodge and he said
‘ If you visit the Lodge be prepared that the Brethren
mostly wore working clothes and did not dress up.
BUT, if you visit when they perform one of the degrees
you will not find any California lodge that does as good a
ritual and none better!’
There was (may still exist) a stage coach in the ‘
local museum when Eastern Star used to travel to the
Monterey area and the driver was always one who
was called Charlie.  Turns out when Charlie died
he was actually a she and is buried in a local
cemetery. At one time it was said that Charlie
was a brother.  I have actually met a Female
Mason while I was active in Lodge and she
was the wife of one of the elder Brethren.
When I proved up to be installed as Senior Deacon
I went to the Inspector at his home and was concerned
that we were not tiled.. He said that his Lady was not
nearby and to carry on.
While I was voicing the ritual,
he stopped and said I was incorrect; whereupon a loud
voice sounded from the kitchen area, saying “He is
correct, You always get that wrong”
Regards Father Dalton
Worshipful Father Dalton signed the Bylaws on Sept. 21st. 1985 as the 370th Brother to do so, and was the 1988 Master of Texas Lodge #46.  He now resides in Lakewood Washington with his wife Iris.

Reception of Applications:

No applications were received.

Hall Association Business:

The Hall will be addressing two topics this month.

#1. Completion of the new Stove installation.

#2. Discussion of repairing and locking our driveway gates.

Association will offer a report should a decision be made.

Old Business:
50 Year Award for Brother Richard Fischer:
The 50 year award presentation for Brother Richard Fischer was delayed by necessity, due to COVID-19 closure. We expect to be presenting him this award and celebrating this momentous occasion in the very near future.  Stay tuned for the date.
Donation to Prince Hall Lodge No.3 of Providence Rode Island
The topic of our donation to PH Lodge No.3 was re-surfaced, and many additional brothers opened their hearts and wallets to support our brothers in rebuilding their lodge which was damaged by fire.
Donation Contributions:
Rob Martin of Hawaii $25
Jeff Strouse $25
Charles Baylacq $100
David Driesbach P.M. $25
B.J.McQuiston P.M. $25
Jessie Rodriguez $25
Richard Goldstein $20
Sub-Total: $245
Lodge: $35
Total: $300
New Business:
Hiram Award:
Our Worshipful Master Jeff Strouse and the Hiram Award Committee have determined that we have a fellow brother Mason who is worthy of receiving the lifetime achievement known as the Hiram Award.  This award will be issued from the Grand Lodge of California, and presented by our Worshipful Inspector in the next few months. His name will be added to the plaque hung on the wall, which documents our past awardees since 1980, you can find it near our Tyler’s register. Our Worshipful master sent out this notification to the Brothers of Texas Lodge.

Image of Hiram Award

Dear Brothers and Friends of Texas Lodge,
This year I cannot help but recognize a Brother who has shown himself to be an exemplary Mason, standing as a shining example of everything the title of Freemason was intended to be.
His name is Loren McKechnie, our beloved Secretary.  Loren has gone far beyond what we would expect the length of his cable tow to be, and was instrumental in keeping our Lodge running during the Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown. Loren has been a Mason since 2011 and is active with the San Jose Valley Scottish Rite.  He is always eager to assist a Brother in need, and volunteer for tasks whether it be to haul kitchen equipment from Concord to the Lodge, or offering Brothers rides to and from Stated meetings.  He even purchased a stretch Limo for the purpose.
It is my hope or intention that we hold this Hiram award ceremony in September or October perhaps, and celebrate this worthy Brother and friend. Our Hiram award team has been appointed, but if you would like to help, please let me know.
Fraternally yours.
Jeff Strouse
2021 Master
Texas Lodge #46

June is Masonic Homes Month:

Please plan to visit those friends and brothers who are living in the Masonic Homes. Our Worshipful Master Jeff Strouse, and our Marshall John Densem are planning visits to the Masonic Home. We have a few cherished brothers living at the masonic home in Fremont who have not been able to visit us at the Lodge for a while, due to COVID. You can learn more about the website here https://masonichome.org/

July Stated meeting, to be held IN PERSON (goodbye Zoom)

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted on June 15th 2021, by order of the Grand Master of California, we will once again have the pleasure of meeting our brethren face to face. Please join us for the first stated meeting since December 2019. It is joyous and refreshing that we will once again be able to meet our brothers on the level, and in person. Hard to believe it will have been 1 year and 7 months since our last official meeting in person. As such, it is my understanding that we will no longer be able to hold official tiled meetings over Zoom. We are hopeful that some hybrid approach will be possible and approved by the Grand Lodge, so we can continue to keep connected to our brothers in other states, or who can not travel.

Traveling Charter of Texas Lodge

The Worshipful inspector B.J. McQuiston P.M. and a few fellow brothers explored the opportunity to evaluate a site for doing ritual work away from the Lodge. This undisclosed location was deemed sufficient, with the ability to Tile it properly from Cowan’s and eavesdroppers.   As you may know, Texas Lodge no.46 has a unique charter, granted back in 1843 by the grand lodge of California that allows tiled lodge meetings or other special meetings to occur within 7 miles of the lodge. In the past, this unique ability has been leveraged to meet at Freemont Peak, and other locations outside in nature.

Sunshine Report:

Update on Worshipful Raymond E. Hill IV P.M. 

We previously shared via email, that our Brother was involved in a serious car accident back in April. It is with great cheer that I can share he is recovering quite well. He attended the wedding of our Brother Charles Beylacq and his bride Brandy which was held at brother Marshall’s home, and has been able to walk and even attend an officers practice at the lodge. Please come to our July stated meeting in person, and send him your regards with a proper masonic greeting.

Has any Brother, anything for the benefit of Masonry?

The Worshipful Inspector B.J. McQuiston P.M. shared his appreciation four our lodge’s efforts and leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. He stated that all of the great masonic work and charity we have accomplished during these challenging times is quite remarkable, and in contrast to many lodges who have done basically nothing while shutdown by federal and state orders.


At 10:35 AM the Lodge was closed.


Respectfully Submitted,

Secretary Loren George McKechnie                                          Date: 7/1/2021

Worshipful Master Jeff Strouse                                                 Date: 7/1/2021