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Dr. Kevin Herrick P.M. Public Service Education on COVID-19

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There are certain times in history which call upon Men, Women and Masons to dig deep and fight for freedom, for our lives and our livelihoods. It seems that throughout the year of 6020 A.L., we will all be tested and called to action, as we live through one of these marked periods of history.

As Freemasons, it is challenging times like these that bring our purpose for being into focus, and we must respond to the calling, to live out our Masonic Duties in day to day life.

All the Brothers of Texas Lodge no.46 have responded to the call, and are offering Fellowship, Hope and Charity to our bothers, their families, our Widows and our larger community during this crisis. The Officers, have reached out to each and ever member and Widow of Texas Lodge 46, to offer a helping hand, a grocery or medicine delivery or just a good long chat.

While there are many projects and plans on going now and in the works, I want to keep this brief. I will leave you with this helpful video below, that our Worshipful Dr. Kevin Herrick P.M. and I put together for the San Benito County Public Enforcement Officer.

This video offers educational background, and tips on how to stay safe from viruses such as the SARS COV-2 virus, which causes serious COVID-19 disease in about 5% of those tested.

Please stay safe, and practice our shared Masonic principles to all of those around you.

Together, we will get through this!


Sincerely, Loren George McKechnie

Secretary of Texas Lodge no.46 F.&A.M. of California