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Trestleboard- July 2019 Stated meeting

The Stated meeting of July was held on Saturday, July 13th 6019 Anno Lucas.

As the bright light of a beautiful Saturday morning beamed into the lodge room from the East, the Roosters serenading; the Texas Lodge stated meeting was called to perform labor on each of the three degrees of masonry, during this productive meeting. There was important work performed in all three degrees of masonry.

A summons: To all worthy Texas lodge Brothers able to travel. 

A plot has been carefully crafted and laid upon the Trestleboard by our Worshipful Master, for the evening of Monday, August 5th.  All brothers that are able, are requested to join us on this adventure, if within your cable tow.

Texas Lodge is intent on procuring the Traveling Gavel from Confidence Lodge #110 and will attempt to procure it by the attendance of Texas Lodge Masons en masse at the stated meeting of August. For more info on Confidence lodge, see their trestleboard and website.

Trip Plan: To arrive in Soquel at 6:30 pm for dinner, and the 7:30 pm Stated Meeting.

Parking for Confidence Lodge: Located at the church across the street. (See image)

Save the Date: Family Camping Trip to Mammoth Lakes, August 24th-26th (Friday-Saturday-Sunday)

Pancake Breakfast:  September 7th    |   9:00 Am -to- High 12. (1st Saturday of the Month)

Sincerely, Loren G. McKechnie

Assistant Secretary & WebMaster