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What is the meaning of a Masonic Ring, and how to wear it

While Masonic custom clearly states that the Lambskin apron is the badge of a mason, there is also discussion of it being an emblem of innocence.

Many Freemasons choose to wear the square and compass ring, as the outward symbol of being a Freemason.

Be warned, that there are many ways that a Master Mason can identify those who are not truly Masons, yet display emblems of the craft.

If you are indeed a Freemason and choose to wear the emblems thereof, it would serve you well, to learn a little about the customs and traditions behind such practices. It is generally accepted that Master Masons, once raised are entitled to wear the square and compass emblem on rings and other outward displays of symbols representing the craft. 

One commonly asked question is who should wear a Freemason Ring, and how?

Some believe that sons or male relatives should be given the ring of ancestors who were masons, but they should not wear the ring as a Mason until entitled to do so. Some have suggested daughters or non-Masons wear a ring on a chain, around one’s neck, as to not to wear a ring presenting as a Mason, but allowing one to feel close to their relative. Others, who are indeed initiated into the craft pontificate further on the exact details and manner in which to wear the ring.

Should you wear a Masonic Ring with the points of the extended compass facing you the wearer, or facing out for all to see? One response to this question is to wear the ring, with the points of the compass toward your heart, to remind you of your own obligations, that which you are supposed to be circumscribing. Then when you are a Past-Master of your Lodge, you have then become knowledgeable enough to outwardly display the points toward all.


Another theory of wearing a Masonic Ring with the points facing out is when used as a wax seal.

Wearing the ring points facing out when pressed into warm wax, sealing a letter or contract, would position the emblem facing the correct side up.

Below is a video from the Gentlemen’s Gazette , a wonderful YouTube channel, which focuses on proper etiquette and historical elements of men’s style. Sven addresses the signet ring category in general here. You can read his great primer with in-depth history on signet rings here: https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/signet-ring-primer/


Below is a video from the YouTube channel the Masonic Roundtable, who are not California Masons, but are Masters or Past-Masters and discuss being Freemasons, and Masonic Rings in particular. You can find more about their video and their channel here:  Masonic Roundtable

Antonio has a very nice YouTube channel  “Real Men, Real Style” where he explores the history of the meaning of rings, and which finger you should wear them on. You can read his article here: https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/ring-finger-meaning/

I hope you enjoy these videos and learning about this history of signet rings, of which, the Masonic Ring is but one.

There are many opinions on this topic, but I would caution that Masonic Principles should always be applied in discussion and criticism of the traditions and customs of wearing a Masonic Ring.


Brother Loren George McKechnie

Assistant Secretary & Webmaster Texas Lodge No.46

Under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge F. & A.M. of California