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Stated Meeting: 4/13/2019 Trestleboard

The Texas Lodge No.46 stated meeting for the month of April was held on the 13th, at 11:30 am. The meeting was delayed a few hours, due to a pancake breakfast fundraiser, in collaboration with the city of San Juan Bautista. A dispensation was previously sought and approved, to delay our stated meeting by an hour and a half. The pancake breakfast had 40 patrons, and we invited many guests into the lodge room for tours and the sharing of masonry in general.

The health of Texas Lodge Membership continues to strengthen, with 1 application for degrees, and 1 application for affiliation read in the April stated meeting. The new applicant is Mr. Garrett Wright, born in February of 1992, who resides in Hollister.  He is married to Sarah Wright. He is a quality inspector by profession and was born in California. The worshipful master has appointed an investigation committee, and their findings will be reported at the stated meeting in May.

Brother Jeff Strouse, Master Mason of Paideia Lodge #852, previously of Mt. Moriah Lodge #292 in Los Gatos, has applied for affiliation to Texas Lodge.  He is married to Karen Strouse. Jeff has held Officer positions of Jr. Warden, Jr. & Sr. Deacon at Mt. Moriah #292. He also has completed lodge management certification programs on the topics of Hall Association, Lodge Administration, Lodge Finance, and Member Experience management.

The meeting notes for the previous stated meeting, as well as the special meeting for conferring the 3rd degree upon Brother Loren George McKechnie,  were read.

It was noted in the meeting notes, that  Brother McKechnie graciously offered his appreciation for those assisting in his raising, investing them with 20 penknives after the degree.

Brother McKechnie also invested the lodge Chef “Chuck Wagon” Charles Baylacq, with a Masters Square and Compass Branding Iron, for use with his BBQ’ing.  May we now know and recognize our Famous BBQ by sight, as well as taste.

There will be a Masonic Services Lodge Outreach meeting this Saturday, April 27th, at the Masonic Homes Siminoff  Lodge located at 34400 Mission Blvd. Union City A warm breakfast is served at 8:30 am, Meeting time is 9 am-noon.

May 4th is Texas Lodge clean-up day. 10:00 am will be mowing and trimming outside and sweeping and mopping inside let’s take care of our beautiful lodge as she has taken care of us for the last 150 years

Stated meeting May 11 Breakfast at 9:00 am meeting at 10:00 am.