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Trip to Colorado | Nevadaville Masonic Lodge | June 2019

A few brothers are planning a trip to the Nevadaville Colorado Ghost town, and Masonic Lodge.

Be it also noted, that the traveling brethren who are headed east to this quintuple raising @ the ghost town Lodge of Nevadaville will be leaving the morning of Monday the 27th 2019. A  Google Map of their proposed route can be examined here. Link to map of the Texas Lodge Rumble on Hwy 50.

Last year, WM Raymond E. Hill, Secretary Kevin Herrick P.M. and his son Crispin attended special lodge events at the historic site. There have been musings of a road trip by Motorcycle with support truck and trailer for the 2019 event. Denver is not far, and you are welcome to fly in and meet us for the event.

Background on the location:

Nevadaville had 4,000 residents in the late 1800s. 6 local residents as of 1998. The town is pretty much closed except on Saturday and Sundays except during the summer. A trading post, a fantastic art gallery, a saloon building built in 1880, Masonic Lodge #14, a lot of old mine buildings, the firehouse & city hall is still standing. Several old miners shacks can still be seen. Most of the old stone buildings have long since turned into rubble.

Useful Links:

Worshipful Master Ramond E. Hill IV exploring the ghost town

Kevin, Crispin & Raymond in the Lodge

Inside the restored Lodge Room.

Secretary Kevin Herrick P.M. and Son Crispin