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A call for Antiques to Loan or Gift the Lodge

I am extending a call for Antique Furniture, to furnish the “middle room” of Texas Lodge, into an Office and Recreation Room, for the Brothers and Public visitors to enjoy.

Imagine your old antique chair or table, being used weekly, and appreciated by lovers of history with a brass plaque, memorializing your gift, or in the name of a loved one.

We DO NOT have a budget for acquiring new furniture to create a recreation room, but a few generous members of the Lodge are lending or donating their own antique furniture.

A few incredibly generous brothers are also purchasing antiques and Victorian furniture “to fill in the gaps,” from what we are able to bring together via donations. Given the historic building, and the prominence of this middle room as seen by passers-by on the sidewalk, new furniture just would not be fitting for such a historic building, so we must seek out antiques.

The Building will be celebrating its 150th anniversary in June 2019, it would be wonderful to “fill up the room” creating a relaxing space, with a meeting table, comfortable couches, and sitting areas to engage in conversations for the Anniversary Festivities.  Items we are still looking for include: Leather or Velvet Chairs and Couches, a coffee table, end tables, bookcases, and a desk chair.

An Example of an old Parlor Room

A bit of History: As you know the Texas Lodge building in the town of “San Juan” as it was originally known, has been a pillar of the town since the early days of its existence. Being built in 1869, with 3 main “storefronts” at street level, and the Lodge upstairs.

The building has been a place for many businesses, to bring value to the local people of San Juan Bautista. Historical Tenants include City Council, Farmers Alliance, U.S. Post Office, even Wells Fargo Express. These are just a few businesses calling the Lodge Building their storefront, all before the turn of the century in 1900. This we know because of the extensive and detailed meeting records of the Lodge.

Should you choose to generously donate or lend the lodge your unused furniture, you will not only be contributing to a historic landmark of Central California, but your precious antiques will also be utilized and appreciated by many. History is great, but it needs to live on…. to continue to be relevant and brought into the light of the future.

Gift items may also have a brass memorial or gift plaque engraved and attached to serve as a physical and public statement memorializing your gift or in the name of a loved one.

I will personally gift and provide the engraved brass plaques, to affix.

If you have items to offer, please send a description and a picture if possible to me at sanjuanbautistatxlodge46@gmail.com


Loren George McKechnie

Assistant Secretary, Tx Lodge 46  F&AM