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2019 Installation Of Officers: Texas #46 & Salinas #204 A & AM

On a rainy Saturday, January 5th, 2019 the Officers of Texas Lodge and Salinas Lodge were installed. A beautiful ceremony conducted by Jon Pariser P.M., and Master of Ceremonies Jon Wong P.M. with the assistance of chaplain & inspector B. J. McCuiston P.M. among many other honorable Brothers.

A hearty and flavorful Festive Board followed the Ceremony, with special thanks to Master Raymond Hill IV P.M and newly installed Jr. Steward Charles E. Baylacq of Texas Lodge, who braved the rain to tend the BBQ.

PM Kevin Herrick presented Raymond Hill IV an exquisite hand embroidered PM apron. The Apron is made of the softest pure white lambskin and additionally has been embroidered by the hands of Kevin Herrick P.M. and embellished on the grey suede reverse side. An implement surely to be cherished for a lifetime, and beyond.

Freemason Apron